Supply Chain and Logistics Summit Dallas

Supply Chain and Logistics Summit North America brings together senior professionals who are seeking out the latest supply chain management practices.

When: December 3rd – 5th, 2012
Where: Hyatt Regency, Dallas, TX USA

Speakers: Richard Dean & Gene Tyndall

Richard Dean (One Network) and Gene Tyndall (Tompkins International) will be speaking on December 5th at 1:30 – 2:05 PM CT

Richard Dean

Richard Dean serves as a Chief Marketing Officer for One Network Enterprises. With more than twenty years of Supply Chain Technology experience, Richard is recognized as a Business Visionary and Product Evangelist with a distinguished record of selling leading edge computer software, hardware, and professional services. He is the Domain Expert in supply chain technologies, processes, and economics. His initiatives have generated $6 Billion in direct value for his clients, customers and employers.

Gene Tyndall

Gene Tyndall serves as Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain Services, for Tompkins International. He has 30 years of experience in consulting with multinational corporations as well as serving as a President of a FORTUNE 500 business unit. He has co-authored four books, including Supercharging Supply Chains and also authored numerous articles in magazines such as CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, Purchasing, and Automotive Logistics. In recognition of his global contributions, he was awarded “Global Logistics Person of the Year” by the Global Institute of Logistics and was elected into its Hall of Fame. For more than 35 years, Tompkins has provided end-to-end solutions on a global scale, helping clients align business and supply chain strategies through operations planning, design and implementation. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, USA, Tompkins has offices throughout North America and in Europe and Asia.


  1. Why are supply chain trading partners seeking new operations strategies to compete in changing markets and for new customer demands?
  2. Illustrating how a cloud-native systems are revolutionizing supply chain ecosystems in response to real-time demand signals
  3. Demonstrating how trading partner communities are moving beyond SaaS and traditional software applications to collaboratively plan, execute, monitor and synchronize all of the physical and logical events that take place throughout their extended supply chain ecosystems
  4. Discussing the advantages and limitations of the SaaS model and how trends such as social networking and cloud computing are enhancing the supply network performance throughout supply networks
  5. Offering best practices and processes to leverage the capabilities of a cloud-native system

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