One Network Enterprises collaborates with Scheduling Standards Consortium to develop standardized processes for more efficient supply chains

A leading US retailer will be the first company to benefit from the new standard as One Network leverages the new standard to optimize and automate multi-enterprise processes across its network of networks

Dallas, TX, November 14, 2023— One Network Enterprises (ONE), the leading global provider of autonomous planning, intelligent control towers, and the Digital Supply Chain Network™, is pleased to announce its support for the Scheduling Standards Consortium (SSC) to help define and adopt standards for scheduling in the supply chain, and applauds its publication of its Technical Standard for developing scheduling application programming interface (API) for transportation management systems (TMS) and scheduling solutions. The Technical Standard is now accessible on the open-source community.

One Network Enterprises is an early adopter of the SSC.

As the SSC noted in its recent press release, “The Technical Standard will bring more cohesion and resiliency to the movement of goods, making it easier to book and manage appointments, optimize processes for drivers, shippers and receivers, and drive operational efficiencies for the industry at large.”

One Network’s use of this standard will further add value by being able to bring suppliers and their partners into this real time single version of the truth for not only scheduling drop appointments but also the pick-up appointments, and tracking these shipments in real time. This provides real-time visibility and actionability to all parties. This reduces order-to-ship lead times, supply variability, and completely automates the rescheduling and priority process for late shipments based on what is needed most by the customer. This provides meaningful reductions in inventory for all parties and higher sell-through.

A One Network customer, one of the top 10 retailers in the world, will be the first to use ONE’s implementation of the new standard, and the first company in the world to leverage the SSC standard across its vast network of supplier and internal distribution centers. The customer expects improved efficiency in their OTIF metrics, real-time temperature tracking across the cold chain, improved optimization of DC’s based on demand priority, and better utilization of people, distribution centers, and vehicles.

ONE is proud to contribute to the standard and to support the SSC in helping make the Technical Standard a foundation on which we can build more effective, efficient, and resilient supply chains that serve customers and all network participants.

ONE’s robust scheduling solution will be able to make effective use of the standards by coordinating and automating bookings and rescheduling based on real-time data such as telematics, IoT data, traffic data, and other data from external partner networks. ONE’s AI assistant for supply chain, NEO, will be able to automatically reschedule appointments and release unused dock doors based on this vital information enabled by the SSC standards. More accurate and timely scheduling will also optimize the utilization of resources such as warehouse labor, truck drivers, and vehicles, and will improve DC flow-through.  

The mission of the SSC aligns well with ONE’s network of networks, a ubiquitous network that enables any organization to join, and “plug and play” their enterprise systems into the network. The SSC’s work is an important step in the direction of a consistent and integrated data architecture not just for scheduling in logistics, but for the entire supply chain, from raw materials to the shelf.   “We applaud the SSC for its important work in developing and publishing the SSC Technical Standard; and we are committed to using these standards to improve efficiency across our logistics solution,” said Greg Brady, founder and executive chairman of ONE. “But, as important as this is, we would further urge companies to apply this thinking to the supply chain as a whole. There is immense value to be unlocked by expanding this approach to enable a single version of truth for the supply chain with a single connection into a network of networks. This enables unprecedented responsiveness, service levels, efficiencies, and resilience for all parties in the network. ONE is committed to that goal and we are grateful to the SSC in helping realize it.”  

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