Virtual Orchestration Highways for Enterprise Communities

Greg Brady, CEO of One Network, discusses “Virtual Orchestration Highways” in Supply Chain Brain

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Virtual Orchestration Highways for Enterprise Communities

In the world of enterprise management software, logistics and transportation has often been seen as a very isolated island. Those of us on the inside know that the logistics world continues to be just as fragmented and disconnected as it was 20 or 30 years ago. Logistics providers operate blindly within the supply chain, and have little idea of what is happening upstream or downstream. It’s a fundamental problem that is especially ripe for disruption. Get ready, because major change is on the horizon.

This next big technology trend has already started, and it’s actually quite simple: more and more, transportation and logistics providers are integrating with each other and with manufacturers and retailers via common network backbones. Widespread integration and collaboration among transport and logistics companies? This in itself is pretty newsworthy, but what’s even more interesting is what it enables – namely B2B transactions that deliver a seamless buying/fulfillment experience similar to what we’ve come to expect as consumers. Essentially, what I’m talking about are virtual orchestration highways for enterprise communities. The implications of virtual highways are massive and are already beginning to be felt.

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