Japan-based SIGMAXYZ Inc and One Network Enterprises to deliver Global Supply Chain Solution

The two companies have executed a strategic partnership to deliver One Network’s Real-Time Planning and Execution Cloud-based Platform to Global Supply Chains

One Network Enteprises (ONE) has executed a Strategic Partnership with Japan-based SIGMAXYZ Inc. (Ticker NO: 6088 in Tokyo Stock Exchange “Mothers”, SIGMAXYZ) to enable the delivery of its global supply chain solution. One Network provides a cloud-based platform for planning and executing multi-enterprise processes throughout the supply chain in real time. The two companies have established this relationship to promote ONE solutions and services and provide related consulting services. SIGMAXYZ, in conjunction with ONE, will be supporting a new supply chain model that is highly responsive to market change and globalization.

In general, a typical supply chain is a complex web of multiple tiers of numerous trading partners that include retailers, manufacturers, logistics providers, parts suppliers, and co-manufacturers. Typically each party has its own separate planning and execution systems to manage “demand and supply” in an attempt to achieve smooth supply chain operations and to increase its profitability. However, with today’s more dynamic markets, the increased complexity of the globalized supply chain, as well as the accelerated agile response required by the end-consumer, these systems are struggling to rapidly respond to market changes and expansion. As a result, companies are seeking ways to increase the speed of information sharing, to improve the freshness and accuracy of relevant planning information, and to immediately respond to changes in the plan by executing the required transactions.

The Real Time Value Network™ (RTVN™), a cloud-based platform provided by ONE, enables real time sharing of planning information among supply chain trading partners while providing an automated decision-making capability that executes the required transaction without human intervention. Under the partnership with ONE, SIGMAXYZ will utilize the RTVN™ to realize the establishment of “zero” information lead-time supply chains by sharing a single plan that immediately and flexibly responds to changes in global markets, contributing to improvements in consumer satisfaction, increases in revenue, and reduced operating and related costs.

ONE RTVN™ already has over 40,000 enterprises as active clients, including large auto manufacturers, retailers, and defense contractors in the US, EU, and China. The partnership with SIGMAXYZ will introduce ONE to the Japanese market. SIGMAXYZ will support RTVN™ deployment to Japanese enterprises with the team of 20+ specialized consultants, providing Business Process Design, BPR support, Parameters Settings, and System Integration services that leverages ONE’s deep experience in modeling and optimizing global supply chains.

SIGMAXYZ will continue to aggressively tackle diversified management challenges for the growth of Japanese companies.

About One Network Enterprises

One Network’s Real Time Value Network is the world’s only many-to-many supply chain platform in the cloud, and the world’s first and only real time, automated decision-making solutions suite. It enables an unlimited number of trading partners to plan, execute, monitor, synchronize, and optimize in real time all of the business processes and events that take place throughout their extended supply chains, from customers to raw material suppliers. Enterprises from a variety of industries are connected to the Real Time Value Network, including leading companies in high tech, retail, consumer products, the public sector, automotive, energy, and logistics. Headquartered in Dallas, One Network also has offices in Europe, India, and China. For more information, please visit www.onenetwork.com.

About SigmaXYZ Inc.

SIGMAXYZ Inc. is a 360+ employee professional services firm that assists our clients to create value and sustainable competitive advantage. Headquarted in Tokyo, SIGMAXYZ Inc.’s areas of business focus are strategic planning and execution, finance and risk management, M&A Advisory Services, Supply Chain Modeling and Implementation, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Management, and Technology Platform Modeling and Implementation. Learn more about SIGMAXYZ at www.sigmaxyz.com.