One Network Enterprises and Synoptima Announce Joint Strategic Relationship for Asia Pacific

New relationship enables One Network and Synoptima to deliver end-to-end supply chain solutions to clients and prospects across Asia Pacific and beyond

Synoptima Supply Chain SolutionsSingapore, September 1, 2015 — One Network Enterprises (One Network), provider of multi-enterprise Platform-as-a-Services (PaaS) and consumer-driven supply chain services in the cloud, and integrative logistics services provider Synoptima, today announced they have signed a joint strategic relationship agreement. The agreement includes the delivery of end-to-end demand-driven supply chain solutions to One Network and Synoptima clients and prospects throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

“Together with One Network we can now offer leading solutions that manage demand, supply, and logistics processes as a community of collaboration trading partners focused on satisfying the end-customer.”Dom Rego, Synoptima Advisory Board

Supply chains in Asia are becoming more and more complex as companies realize the need to spread their production bases across multiple countries while expanding distribution efforts into emerging markets. As a result, new and innovative supply chains are required. Companies are increasingly seeking to achieve seamless collaboration across suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, distribution channels, and consumers.

Together, Synoptima and One Network have the foresight to help companies in the Asia Pacific region reach that goal.

“One Network and Synoptima partnership combines leading-edge cloud technologies with some of the world’s top experts in supply chain engineering, transformation management, logistics, and transportation services”, said Dom Rego, Synoptima Advisory Board Member. “As we continue the expansion of our revolutionary end-to-end supply chain management Services, together with One Network we can now offer leading solutions that manage demand, supply, and logistics processes as a community of collaboration trading partners focused on satisfying the end-customer”.

Traditional Logistics companies are challenged to manage lean levels of inventory and switch sourcing easily from country to country as stocks are depleted, or speed up and slow down cargo that is already in transit. Futhermore the ability to drive that same flexibility at the manufacturing or the market distribution side is hardly available. Synoptima with its Integrative Logistics Services changes that paradigm dramatically and offers customers unforeseen levels of flexibility while improving effectiveness and lowering logistics costs in the process.

“Synoptima’s innovative and holistic supply chain management approach coupled with its superior engineering and regional expertise is the perfect complement to our consumer-driven approach. Both companies are at the forefront of the next evolution of logistics in both services and technology” said Bruce Jacquemard, One Network EVP of Sales and Marketing.

About One Network Enterprises

One Network offers a unique approach to supply chain management and other multi-party problems. One Network’s cloud platform, the Real Time Value Network, eliminates the traditional divide between planning and execution and enables visibility and data flow across the entire supply network of trading partners…in real time. Additionally, One Network offers PaaS solutions and developers tools that enable organizations to design, build, and run multi-party applications that solve problems unrelated to their supply chains. Leading organizations from around the world from nearly every industry have joined One Network, helping to transform industries including CPG, Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, Logistics, and Public Sector and Defense. Headquartered in Dallas, One Network also has offices in China, Europe, and India. For more information, please visit

About Synoptima

Synoptima is an Asia Pacific provider of end-to-end Solutions and Services, helping customers achieve Supply Chain excellence. Synoptima Optimization provides a source of expertise that provides Solutions, Strategies, Engineering and Implementation support for Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Synoptima Technology helps customers with Technology adoption, enhancement and transformation, including Analytics, Software and Automation. Synoptima’s Integrative logistics services take over planning, optimization, and operations of Logistics across the spectrum of Logistics (4PL) and the extended Supply Chain.