Global Logistics Gateway: Enables End-to-End Inter-operability Between Global Supply Chain Networks

New Solution Accelerates Transition of Businesses to Interconnected Digital Trading Communities

Dallas, TX – August 22, 2017One Network Enterprises [], the global provider of multi-party digital network platform and services, today announced the immediate availability of the Global Logistics Gateway, a new solution that enables Carriers, Freight Forwarders, Orchestrators, Distributors, Custom Brokers, and Suppliers to execute the global fulfillment and transportation process from a single access point. The Gateway connects with business networks for sales, procurement, freight, and logistics services to create a ubiquitous network of networks at global scale. This offering supports interoperability between supply chain operating networks through open standards-based authentication and public API-based process orchestration to any buy/sell system or any transport management system (TMS).

Ann Grackin, CEO, ChainLink Research highlighted the significance of this solution by saying: “There has been strong growth in network solutions in recent times, but most of these focus on one function, such as logistics or a single industry. However, true value is created when businesses collaborate on multi-party optimization across multiple enterprises and multiple functions, from demand to logistics and fulfillment. The Global Logistics Gateway from One Network solves those issues by automating optimized execution across the value network.”

Leveraging the Gateway, shippers can provide a one-stop-shop for customers, which enables them to post purchase, sales, or transport orders via a single system. The Global Logistics Gateway connects and transacts with in-country and international carriers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, last mile operators, and other partners which greatly streamlines fulfillment and transportation functions.

Carriers and freight forwarders can use the solution to transact with shippers to fulfill the transport demand and collaborate on freight orders, schedule appointments, post capacity, and publish the tracking events. They can also leverage services to manage their internal processes, and subscribe to network analytics and industry benchmarks to continuously improve their operations.

Buyers and suppliers can connect and transact with each other and with logistics trading partners in operating fulfillment and transport operations. The network will manage fulfillment and delivery across multiple modes, support all combinations of prepaid and collect legs and Incoterms. Milestones and tracking events are provided for all orders and shipments.

All trading partners onboard once, and the Gateway can connect them to other popular TMS systems and buy and sell applications such as ERP, procurement systems, and other business networks. In addition, businesses can benefit from One Network’s unique Global Supply Demand Match Service that optimizes inventory, service levels, and freight costs simultaneously.

“As the marketplace rapidly moves to digital, we believe that One Network’s Global Logistic Gateway will allow us to offer our clients a solution that enables high-value operations, planning, execution and process orchestration,” said Dean Tebbutt, COO of Technology at Resolve Solution Partners, a subsidiary of Imperial Holdings.

Global Logistics Gateway connects to One Network’s own Real Time Value Network, which includes industry operating networks for CPG, High Technology & Electronics, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, Health Care, Food Service, Retail, Logistics, Distribution, and Public Sector. The Gateway also supports IDoc integration into the SAP ERP, adapters for Oracle, EDI and other message standards. Ultimately, this eliminates the huge amounts of point to point interfaces being done today.

As a part of this announcement, One Network is also rolling out its enhanced Global Logistics Partner Program for service, content and software providers. Service providers such as traditional 3/4PL and freight forwarders can now offer higher value “orchestrator” capabilities that allow the complete outsourcing of the end-to-end global fulfillment process. Content providers can offer syndicated content such as weather and traffic, and software vendors can offer useful applications.

“Our new Global Logistics Gateway delivers the benefits of a true consumer-driven digital network to organizations of all sizes,” said Greg Brady, founder and CEO of One Network Enterprises. “More importantly, this Network of Networks provides a rapid means for converting the old-world supply chains to new world digital networks.”

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