One Network Enterprises Delivers Enhancements to Its Supply Chain Business Network for the Automotive and Manufacturing Industries

Platform enhancements for autonomous supply chain management are being rolled out across a network of more than 75,000 companies

Dallas TX, Sept 10, 2019 — One Network Enterprises, a global provider of multi-party business networks for autonomous supply chain management, today announced the availability of the latest version of its Real Time Value Network™ (RTVN™) powered by NEO intelligent agents for the Automotive and Manufacturing industries. This release continues to enhance the leading technology for multi-enterprise business networks that brings unprecedented agility, resilience, and shared business benefits to OEMs, suppliers, dealers, after-marketers, and logistics providers.

“As automotive companies squeeze harder to reduce inventories, they’re looking for performance that their current system architectures just can’t support,” said Greg Brady, CEO of One Network Enterprises. “Some suppliers make plant deliveries hourly and with hundreds of suppliers, a lot of activity happens within a day. Siloed MRP, TMS, and WMS legacy systems simply can’t handle the intra-day dynamics, changes, and disruptions. It’s time for a new model. Our latest release delivers planning and execution on a single business network platform in near real time — providing a single version of the truth for all supply chain participants.”

The new release includes enhancements to NEO, One Network’s proprietary machine learning and intelligent agent technology that makes and executes decisions, enabling autonomous supply chain management. This technology increases resilience to demand fluctuations, supply partner issues, and internal and external supply chain disruptions and, as a result, smooths supply chain operations, shortens response times, and maximizes financial performance. The financial benefits realized by companies using the One Network platform to manage their supply chains include:

  • Reduced inventory network-wide by 20% to 40%
  • Improved service levels to over 95%
  • Reduced expedited freight cost by 30 to 50%
  • Improved capacity throughput by 10% or more

Additional enhancements for the Automotive and Manufacturing Industries include:

Attribute-Based Demand Forecasting with Demand Sensing provides autonomous demand driven forecasts and a capability to compute both independent and dependent demand across manufacturing and parts. The solution incorporates not just history, but all order forecasts by channel to provide a demand sensing and consumption service in the network, that works closely with customers such as OEMs. A combination of NEO intelligent agents and statistical forecasting enables a more demand-driven forecast, which is propagated in minutes across the network as an exploded bill of materials (BOM), providing order forecasts to all trading partners.

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) improves inventory planning for value chains across standard parts and aftermarket parts.  Target service levels are maintained at customer facing locations, while service and inventory levels are optimized across the whole supply chain. This results in reductions in inventory across the network, while achieving desired customer service levels at every node.

Integrated Order Management (OMS) and TMS with Autonomous Supply Chain Services streamline operations for users, and provides users with a workbench that includes NEO intelligent agents for optimization of freight utilization and premium freight reduction for dramatic cost savings.

External Capacity Management and Collaboration expands an organization’s visibility into both medium- and long-term internal and supplier capacity issues by automatically propagating scheduled demand through all supply chain tiers, and matching it to the capacities committed.  This works with sequenced production line schedules to allow visibility into the load on all lines in every manufacturing plant as well as those of key partners, based on actual order requirements and forecast demand. The solution is designed to easily work with demand management vehicles including EDI 830, 862, 856, 866, and similar transactions.

Global Multi-Site Supply-Demand Match with Integrated Logistics, using the enhanced Supply Chain Control Tower solution, aggregates demand across all facilities and source materials to virtual lanes, and then optimizes materials and transportation for the network concurrently. This approach drives better supply management while reducing transportation costs, and eliminating premium freight and expediting fees. It works across all tiers of supply and all legs of transportation, and supports international freight with multi-leg, multi-modal moves. Logistics partners are represented on the network, eliminating the need to integrate with their logistics solutions, while enabling real-time tracking across all 3PLs and carriers.

Chain-of-Custody Tracking and Recall Management enables enhanced tracking of products and ownership, aligned with industry standards, through the entire supply chain for full visibility. This improves product track and trace, and allows for the immediate and efficient management of disputes, while enabling the handling of targeted recalls in a faster, simpler, and more precise manner. It also enables the rapid resupply of recall-affected locations with appropriate product quantities to preserve revenue opportunities.

About One Network Enterprises

One Network is the leader in intelligent control towers for autonomous supply chain management. From inbound supply to outbound order fulfillment and logistics, this multi-tier, multiparty digital platform helps optimize and automate planning and execution across the entire supply network and every trading partner. Powered by NEO, One Network’s machine learning and intelligent agent technology, real time predictive and prescriptive analytics enable industry-leading performance for the highest services levels and product quality at the lowest possible cost. It’s the industry’s only solution with a fully integrated data model from the consumer to suppliers and all logistics partners, providing a network-wide, real-time single version of the truth. Leading global organizations have joined One Network, transforming industries like Retail, Food Service, Consumer Goods, Automotive, Healthcare, Public Sector, Telecom, Defense, and Logistics. Headquartered in Dallas, One Network has offices across the Americas, Europe, and APAC. For more information, please visit

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