Automotive Power Leader Cummins Inc. Completes Deployment of One Network Control Tower for Demand Driven Inbound Supply, Inventory Optimization and Visibility

Digital Transformation, Real-Time Visibility, and Control Across a Global Network of Business Partners in the Automotive Supply Chain

Dallas TX, March 30, 2021 — One Network Enterprises (ONE), a global provider of multi-party business networks for autonomous supply chain management, today announced that its customer Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI), a Fortune 500 corporation and a global power leader, has gone live on the One Network Platform with attribute-based forecasting, multi-tier inventory optimization and integrated inbound supply visibility. Leveraging One Network’s platform and industry-leading Supply Chain Control Tower solution, Cummins is improving real-time visibility across European Aftermarket operations, enabling the company to quickly identify and optimally resolve potential issues before they occur. The solution also enhances collaboration, visibility and execution capabilities to better serve Cummins’ customers and business partners.

“We’ve put in place a unified platform that provides real-time visibility across a highly complex landscape with dozens of different business systems,” said Alex Ward, Executive Director, Supply Chain Strategy and Transformation at Cummins. “As we roll out the control tower visibility, planning and execution capabilities, we now have a clearer path to digital transformation as we move more business processes systematically onto ONE’s real-time network layer over time. We believe that our business opportunity is substantial.”

One Network’s multi-tier, multiparty digital platform helps optimize and automate planning and execution across the entire supply network and every trading partner. It’s the industry’s only solution with a fully integrated data model from the consumer to suppliers and all logistics partners, providing a network-wide, real-time single version of the truth.

Cummins, which celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2019, designs, manufactures, distributes, and services a broad portfolio of power solutions. Products range from diesel and natural gas engines to hybrid and electric platforms, as well as related component technologies.

The company, like many organizations in the automotive industry, is addressing a growing number of challenges, including rapidly emerging new technologies; complex cost control through high and low demand cycles; visibility across business units due to acquisitions and historically siloed enterprise-centric ERP systems; achieving greater forecast accuracy and aggregate demand visibility; and the need to innovate rapidly and disrupt markets to gain share and increase competitiveness.

The new network-based platform for planning and execution helps to address these challenges and enables Cummins to gain:

  • A real-time, consolidated view of aftermarket inventory for any geography
  • The capability to run one multi-tier planning engine across all items to provide inventory and safety stock recommendations for the aftermarket business
  • Automated outlier detection and smoothing for demand planning, including attribute-based forecasting
  • A consolidated view of advance shipment notifications with detailed list of contents and status
  • Streamlined collaboration on purchase orders directly via the network-based applications
  • The ability to directly collaborate with suppliers for greater efficiency and elimination of information time lags

“The auto and industrial power industry is a dynamic market currently in a great state of flux with new technologies, new global demand shifts and complex supply chains,” said Greg Brady, Founder and CEO of One Network Enterprises. “Cummins has activated a true digital network platform that provides unprecedented visibility and control across their massive automotive and industrial supply network. This results in the ability to lower inventory, increase agility and boost service levels to create an exceptional experience for customers. With One Network, customers can quickly turn-on additional network services as required, continuing to unlock additional value over time.”

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