One Network Enterprises Enhances AI Capabilities, Resilience, and Risk Management with the Release of NEO 3.7

New NEO Platform release extends support for multi-echelon visibility and multi-party optimization, debuts new Hyperbot technology, and enhances network foundations with new capabilities in master data management and distributed bill of materials 

Dallas, TX, May 8, 2023— One Network Enterprises (ONE),the leading global provider of control towers and provider of the Digital Supply Chain Network™, is pleased to announce the latest release of its platform, NEO 3.7. This is a major release which includes over 300 new or upgraded features, many specifically designed to improve resilience, multi-echelon visibility and actionability, and multi-party optimization.  

This release includes many enhancements to increase resilience, while mitigating risk and uncertainty, such as resilience scoring and analytics, as well as the incorporation of multi-echelon constraints into the decision-making process. The release also significantly extends the NEO Platform’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, adding new ML agents and more robust Smart Prescriptions™, thus providing more effective decision-making to support the journey to autonomous supply chain management.   

Resilience, Risk Management, and Constraint-Consideration. Notably, NEO 3.7 considers many more multi-echelon constraints in the network to improve decision-making and supply chain planning and execution. These enhancements include: Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization now with location and site-based constraints (in addition to existing global constraints), e.g., volume, size, weight; and many more capabilities are constraint-aware, such as at Contract Manufacturers and within warehouse management. NEO 3.7 introduces ScenarioChains in addition to the LiveChain, which further enhance multi-echelon risk management, by enabling users to model risk and analyze “what-if” scenarios across the entire multi-echelon network (not just within Sales & Operations Planning). Multi-echelon spare parts positioning and sustainment has been enhanced with detailed inspection data and metering capabilities, to ensure quality, minimize downtime, and maximize asset utilization. The multi-echelon chain of custody solution now includes the tracking of quality, temperature, and warranties. 3.7 also enhances resilience scoring and analytics so users are more aware of the relevant risks.   

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. ONE continues to enhance its underlying NEO AI/ML technology and Smart Prescriptions™. More ML agents, such as Transit Time Predictors, Carrier Recommenders, etc., have been added. NEO 3.7 inaugurates the first release of a Hyperbot, the “Carrier Confirmation Hyperbot.” Hyperbots learn from user behavior their preferred Smart Prescriptions™, and enable the user to easily automate specific, context-sensitive Smart Prescriptions™. ONE continues to enhance the openness and flexibility the platform with enhancements to “Bring Your Own Intelligence” (BYOI), which enables companies to leverage their existing AI/ML models and analytics. BYOI is open and based on industry-standard ML APIs. Other APIs that have been expanded include scheduling and spot bids APIs. And NEO Plasma, which empowers users and consultants to do many of the tasks that previously required skilled developers, now supports lightweight self-integration and onboarding, in addition to self-created analytics. All of these capabilities help companies accelerate the digitization of their supply chains.   

Leveraging IoT and External Data Sources. Accurate and timely data is critical to effective optimization and decision-making, and NEO leverages a wide range of external data to inform decisions and drive optimal outcomes. 3.7 enhances these capabilities with connections to Rail, and enhances existing integrations to Ports. In addition, the release now integrates to WhatsApp, enabling users to subscribe to specific types of alerts via WhatsApp, and existing supported channels like email, text, and the platform UI. Proof of Delivery now enables drivers to upload a photo of delivered items for real-time proof of delivery.  

Supply Chain Execution. Supply chain execution continues to be important in today’s economic climate, and the NEO 3.7 release bolsters support for many critical capabilities in execution processes, including enhanced real-time tracking and the inclusion of “soft appointments” with orders. 3.7 includes a new workbench, the Transportation Forecasting Workbench, which includes support for multi-modal pool shipments, pre-booking of containers, and initiating ocean RFQs and other long-lead time logistics activities. GS1 format support now includes label tracking of serialized items. Users who subscribe to alerts for delivery now have the convenience and security of one-time passwords (OTP).  

Coordinated Master Data Across Multi-Echelon Supply Chain. Key to a true digital supply chain network the master data. NEO 3.7 enhances its unique Distributed Bill of Materials (DBOM) with multi-echelon support, the ability to subscribe to changes to the DBOM at a detailed, field level, and attach approvals (via Plasma) to any step or field of the master data.  

Multi-Echelon Integrated Planning and Execution. NEO 3.7 adds support for multi-echelon Smart Prescriptions; improved forecasting and inventory optimization. Demand Planning now includes Channel and Channel sites as a first-class dimension in addition to product, geo, time, etc. Channel Partner site forecasting brings exciting new capabilities to sales organizations and allows them to closely partner with their customers. There are now many more forecast types, 20 in total. Users can now simultaneously compare and contrast statistical forecasts, ML forecasts, collaborative forecasts, organizational-specific forecasts (such as by sales people), market forecasts, and more. 

Global Trade Management. 3.7 significantly enhances the master bill of lading and adds a Global Trade Management (GTM) dashboard. The GTM dashboard uses the NEO Platform’s Value Chain Data Warehouse (VCDW), which provides end-user-built analytics to all participants in the supply chain, not just “hubs”. The GTM dashboard includes support for multi-container booking, precision milestones for ocean booking, LLPs in global logistics, non-vessel owned common carriers (NVOCC), grading on multi-leg modes, auto-responders for carriers, and support for destination-to-destination (DTD), destination to port (DTP), port to port (PTP), and destination to port (DTP).  

Carbon Emissions Tracking and Management. The NEO Platform has supported CO2 tracking from various sources in logistics, now NEO 3.7 extends this to orders, enabling buyers and vendors to take CO2 into account in their decisions.  

“This release puts many more capabilities in the hands of our customers, capabilities that address many of the most important issues in supply chain today, such as dealing with risk and supply constraints, effectively using AI and ML, and achieving multi-tier visibility and multi-party optimization,” said Greg Brady, founder and chairman of One Network Enterprises. “Many of these critical capabilities are not possible without an integrated supply chain network, one that provides a real-time single version of the truth and full end-to-end orchestration.”  

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