What is a Smart Prescription™?


A Smart Prescription™ is a NEO Platform capability, an AI assistant recommended solution to a supply chain issue.

A Smart Prescription™ is One Network's generative AI capability, whereby One Network's NEO Assistant generates practical, executable solutions to potential and existing problems that it finds in the supply chain. NEO generates multiple recommendations for each problem, enabling the user to review and select one to execute. The user can also drill into a Smart Prescription to see why NEO is recommending it, and to explore other options.

Smart Prescriptions™ are smart because they are dynamic and sensitive to context and changing conditions. Smart Prescriptions™ are constantly updated with new information as conditions in the supply chain continue to evolve. They can also be recalled when they are no longer valid. And perhaps most importantly, they span all parties and functions in the supply chain to drive the resolution to completion, not just fix a local problem in a silo while creating other problems for other functions and parties up or downstream.

One Network's Perspective on Smart Prescriptions™

Smart Prescriptions™ can only be "smart" if they are built on a solid foundation of complete, relevant, and real-time data.

One Network Enterprise’s NEO Platform is built from the ground up to enable a real-time, single version of the truth for all parties in the supply chain. This is crucial for all forms of artificial intelligence and machine learning, including the generative AI used by One Network's NEO Assistant, as their effectiveness is constrained by the quality and quantity of data at their disposal.

One Network believes a true digital supply chain network is the only way to enable the full data spectrum that effective AI requires, and that powers Smart Prescriptions™. A single, unified data model at the core of the NEO Platform enables all data models and various data streams to be interrelated, and changes across the supply chain effectively interpreted, propagated, and responded to.

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