Distributors in the Real Time Value Network™



Whether you sell your products to resellers or directly to consumers, connecting to One Network’s cloud-based Real Time Value Network and subscribing to its Distributor Best Practice Template means integrated inventory and delivery execution that reliably senses demand in real time, establishes correct inventory levels, and optimizes delivery.

Challenge: Enterprises today must consistently deliver better value and service to their customers (whether resellers or consumers) or allow competitors to gain at their expense. However, delivering products to customers in a timely manner while maintaining low transportation and inventory carrying costs is difficult, and usually requires compromise and sub-optimal results. The fact is, even leading enterprises who follow industry “best practices” are still constrained by the current technology environment.

Problems that ERP and current systems cannot solve:

  • Vertical systems and databases that silo critical demand, supply, and logistics data
  • Direct deliveries and dynamic sourcing capabilities
  • Long information lead times related to information exchange between systems mean stale data
  • Inability to orchestrate domestic and international suppliers and logistics providers
  • Lack of visibility within and outside of your organization
  • Inability to synchronize the inventory in-transit with inventories
  • Inability to quickly mitigate inbound risks and outbound delivery constraints

Solution: Connect to the Real Time Value Network and Subscribe to the Distribution Best Practice Template

Real Time Value Network Distribution Benefits

  • Improve service levels while lowering costs
  • Respond to supply and demand events in real time
  • Leverage existing ERP and legacy systems
  • Reduce excess inventory across DCs, retail locations, for individual SKUs
  • Sustainability—reduce carbon emissions

Features over 20 integrated tools including:

  • Logistics, replenishment, and forecasts all in one system updated in real time
  • Complete lifecycle management (order brokering, tracking, delivery, etc)
  • Supplier collaboration and managed inventory
  • Integrated logistics planning and execution
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Support for direct ship, distributed ordered management, and VMI