Retail Replenishment in the Real Time Value Network™

Improve On-Shelf Availability and Customer Service while Optimizing Inventory, Become Demand-Driven


Constant promotions and ever-changing demand and supply variability can leave store shelves empty before people can sense the problem and respond to it. By connecting to the cloud-based Real Time Value Network and subscribing to the Retail Replenishment Best Practice Template, retailers gain a suite of demand-driven services that can dramatically improve the forecasting and replenishment processes.

Challenge: Most retailers today have already invested in systems and processes to increase forecast accuracy and improve replenishment processes. However, even the best retailers are still constrained by the current technology environment, leading to out-of-stocks and lost sales.

Problems that ERP and current systems cannot solve:

  • Disconnected supply, demand, and logistics systems lead to inaccurate and untimely information and decisions
  • Integrating demand sensing and VMI services to suppliers
  • Lack of consistent and timely visibility from the shelf to the supplier
  • An inability to coordinate and collaborate with domestic and international suppliers to replenish products
  • Systems that cannot synchronize the logistics capacity with inventory on-hand and replenishment needs

Solution: Connect to the Real Time Value Network and Subscribe to the Retail Replenishment Best Practice Template.

Retail Replenishment Benefits

  • The Real Time Value Network connects to all retail locations, logistics providers, and suppliers
  • Leverage existing ERP and legacy systems
  • Improve on-shelf availability, customer service, and revenue
  • Reduce supply chain operational, IT costs
  • Minimize balance on-hand/inventory
  • Sustainability—reduce footprint

Features over 15 integrated tools including:

  • Real-time demand sensing and demand translation
  • Logistics, replenishment, and forecast systems  in one system updated in real-time
  • Daily demand and inventory data  optimizes tomorrow’s logistics/transportation plans
  • Supplier collaboration and managed Inventory
  • Supply chain risk management

    Some clients are using the Real Time Value Network to deliver 99%+ “in store, in stock” service levels with less than 25 days of total finished goods inventory (including plants, warehouses, and retailer’s warehouses).