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The Real Time Value Network™ for Consumer Products Companies

Deliver best-in-class service levels while minimizing inventories

Whether you’re a fast moving consumer goods company, general merchandize, consumer electronics, or perishable supplier, connecting to One Network’s Real Time Value Network™ will provide you with a robust set of services that will enable you to become more demand-driven.

The industry is quickly transforming itself from a push environment where all goods are moved based on a statistical forecast and DRP approach, to a demand driven approach where products are pulled based on actual consumption. The justification for this shift is simple: Huge results in service level improvements, inventory reductions, head count and capacity reductions, all driving significant revenue and margin improvements.

In order to facilitate this shift, a new demand driven sales and operations approach needs to be taken followed by a demand driven planning and execution process.

The Real Time Value Network is the only proven system where an entire value chain can be planned collaboratively with all partners, followed by automatic execution orders between the appropriate partners. Once you connect to the Real Time Value Network, we provide a repository and demand sensing service that connects to all your retail channels, computes unparalleled forecast accuracy and computes downstream order forecasts for both long term planning and short term execution. The solution computes all demand matches, all available supply, and computes all required production schedules, raw material and packaging requirements, transportation, labor and capacity plans. Once planned, the systems start to execute those plans, working seamlessly with your ERP system. As execution challenges arise, unlike any other planning tools in the market today, One Network’s Real Time Value Network will incrementally re-plan all issues and resolve them before they ever occur.

The Real Time Value Network can embrace existing demand signal repositories where made available or can be deployed using its own data service. The solution produces a store-level, SKU level forecast, aggregates to channels and other roll ups, which in turn computes all deployment plans, consumes production plans, plans new raw material and packaging and creates all capacities, labor, logistics, etc. to get the supply to the source of demand. Since this service is a multi-party service, these plans can respond to orders from customers or through the use of our VMI service we can manage not only the retailer order but seamlessly optimize those orders and your supply operations concurrently.

What is the Real Time Value Network?

Click to learn about the Real Time Value Network. You can achieve coordinated, real time decision-making across your supply chain by connecting your organization to the Real Time Value Network.

Real Time Value Network Dry Grocery Customer Results

  • In-Store In-Stocks: 99+% including promotions
  • Retailer DC DOS: 3 to 6 Days (Down from 12 to 15 days)
  • Chain-Wide Inventory, Shelf to Factory: 25 days (Down 50+%)
  • Supplier DOS Reductions: 35 to 40%
  • Significant TMS cost reductions for all parties
  • Labor reductions

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