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The Real Time Value Network™ for Public Sector and Defense

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One Network Transforms U.S. Marine Corps’ Asset Management


  • Existing system aging, error-prone, and tightly integrated to legacy
  • Needed extensible platform to modernize capabilities, and provide future business transformation opportunities
  • Connection to legacy systems via 168 MILS message sets


  • Global inventory visibility across 398 DoDICs
  • Transaction error rate plummeted from >60% to less than 3%

Read the U.S. Marine Corp Case Study [PDF]

The Department of Defense (DoD) is made up of many service arms and agencies that must work seamlessly together in order to achieve optimal performance. The service arms are supported in both deployment and sustainment activities by the DLA,USTRANSCOM, OSD and many private sector contractors, outsourced manufacturers,and service suppliers product suppliers. Whether it is forward fulfillment of goods in theatre to support the warfighter, reverse logistics of repairables and retrograde, or deployment during time of war, the Real Time Value Network™ has been proven to solve the problems of the military supply chain.

The DoD’s current operations operate in “silos”, which results in the buildup of over sized inventories, extremely long lead times, limited service levels and cost inefficiencies. Traditional commercial off the shelf software (COTS) will not work for the service arms of the DoD. Its single enterprise architecture and single enterprise process approach – by definition – will never work given the multi-enterprise, multi-echelon, requirements of the DoD.

How One Network Works for Public Sector and Defense

The Real Time Value Network: A New Model for the Government Supply Chain

Each service arm, whether it be the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy or Marines Corps, needs to be able to integrate closely with each other, the DLA, USTRANSCOM and many civilian companies. In order to accomplish this, a network of trading partners must be connected and have the ability to transact, execute and plan together.

The Real Time Value Network provides this government network, offering thousands of companies already working together.

What does this mean for you? Essentially, higher service levels, lower costs and greater success for all parties in the network.

Resources for Public Sector and Defense

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What is the Real Time Value Network?

Click to learn about the Real Time Value Network. You can achieve coordinated, real time decision-making across your supply chain by connecting your organization to the Real Time Value Network.

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