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“We knew we needed to find a way to deliver more value to our customers and trading partners while reducing inventory and operations costs. We’ve chosen One Network because of its unique and highly innovative technology.”logo-dana-white-400x400Tobias Jendrell, Global Director, Materials & Logistics, Dana
Delivering superior results in the automotive and aftermarket parts business is a difficult proposition. Inventories must be made available at the right time in the right quantities in the right mix at the right location within a supply chain in order to provide targeted levels of service at targeted cost levels while being able to guarantee the achievement of customer service metrics.

Several factors render demand and inventory management in the automotive industry a very complex problem. Among them are the high number of parts under management, the presence of intermittent or lumpy demand patterns, the risk of stock obsolescence, and in the aftermarket parts case, the high responsiveness required due to customer downtime costs. Yet software solutions for automotive demand, order, inventory, and logistics management have not kept pace with software advancements in other areas of the supply network.

This means that although OEMs are giving their best efforts to modify processes and improve execution in the face of a changing market environment, they are limited by the ability of their underlying systems to connect functional processes across multiple business segments.

How We Can Help

One Network’s cloud platform provides a single end-to-end operating backbone  that already supports some of the world’s largest automotive OEMs.

By connecting to our “many-to-many” network environment, you can manage planning, execution, and transactions across multiple tiers of your suppliers, as well as dealer and logistics providers. The result is unprecedented visibility and control across your supply chain while reducing total system cost to deploy, maintain, and support.

One Network for Automotive At a Glance

  • Supporting some of the world’s largest OEMs
  • Delivers comprehensive EDI and system integration (including EDI 830 Collaboration)
  • Fully loaded Data Warehouse
  • Releases across a pull system from final assembly
  • Demand management
  • Multi-party order management
  • Inventory Management
  • Fully integrated logistics suite

Tailored for Automotive Multiparty Workflows

  • Demand Sensing
  • Intelligent Order Forecast Sourcing
  • Real Time Order Execution
  • Global Inventory Visibility
  • Scheduling and Capacity Management
  • Global Inbound Fulfillment
  • Interfaces with Industry-Standard EDI formats
  • Enables a social supply chain with Enterprise Social Graph collaboration tools

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