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The Real Time Value Network™ for Automotive and Manufacturing

Overcoming today’s challenges in automotive and manufacturing

Even after years of outsourcing to low-cost regions, automotive and heavy equipment manufacturers continue to face pressure to reduce their overall costs. Numerous factors including increased competition from low-cost foreign producers and the escalating cost of raw materials and commodities contribute to the need for lean operations. The practice of expanding supply chains increases risks that have the potential to disrupt a manufacturer’s entire value network.

On-time delivery of products to customers requires the coordination of factories, suppliers, distribution centers, and logistics service providers. The after-market requires coordination of suppliers, service providers, and logistics providers to deliver parts and services to customers. Recall management orchestrates the delivery of parts from suppliers, distribution centers, and logistics providers to dealers.

The long information delays between trading partners simply cannot handle the dynamics of demand and supply. To profitably overcome the challenges the industry faces, organizations need to break down the silos to enable visibility, collaboration and information sharing with upstream and downstream trading partners—they need to connect to the Real Time Value Network™ (Real Time Value Network™).

How the Automotive Industry Can Build To Demand (White Paper)

What is the Real Time Value Network?

Click to learn about the Real Time Value Network. You can achieve coordinated, real time decision-making across your supply chain by connecting your organization to the Real Time Value Network.

Improve Your ERP with the Real Time Value Network

Manufacturers have already invested heavily in solutions over time. OEMs, suppliers and the various value chain participants have their own ERP and planning systems. Replacing all existing investments is time consuming and cost prohibitive. The Real Time Value Network connects disparate solutions and embraces them for seamless integration. In addition, it is easily scalable to handle massive volumes of transactions generated by many different systems.

Another unique offering is that we can configure your solution any way you’d like: With our industry-first Developer Network, you can extend the One Network suite of applications to include your own intellectual property or build a new solution from scratch. All solutions are built using this robust set of developer tools. In addition, with over 30,000 companies already connected to the Real Time Value Network, new trading partners can join the network and immediately connect with each other, resulting in a powerful “network effect”. In this way, our solution simply provides the most accelerated time-to-value.

The Real Time Value Network Enables Manufacturers to:

  • Increase service levels while reducing costs
  • Increase revenue with optimal multi-tier inventory deployments
  • Increase market share with demand sensing and shaping
  • Reduce costs
  • Minimize lost sales
  • Improve forecast accuracy with integrated S&OP and continuous forecasting
  • Achieve complete end-to-end visibility

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